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Five Week Firmer: Fat-Loss Magic With Cavitation And RF

Forget the ab workouts and crash diets. For Carnival, carve your midsection in a gentler way by using the power of cavitation and radio waves.

Two studies published in the National Institutes of Health database and the Journal of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine in 2022, sheds light on the combined power of cavitation and radiofrequency (RF) for reducing abdominal fat.

Waving Goodbye To Fat Cells

Cavitation is a fat removal procedure done using variable-frequency ultrasound.

RF therapy uses radio waves (think of a super strong WiFi) to heat up your skin and the layer of fat beneath it.

The NIH study shows the combined effect of cavitation and RF in reducing abdominal fat deposits.

The researchers tracked the 40 people who got this treatment over 6 weeks. On average, their belly fat shrunk by 1.4 cm, and their waistlines got 2.6 cm smaller. The effects mostly lasted for a month, with a slight fade after three months. The treatment was comfortable, and no one had any serious problems.

However, anecdotal evidence shows us that it’s possible to lose between 7cm and 13 cm with cavitation and RF when treatments are applied consistently over a period of six weeks.

This tells us that cavitation and RF is a safe and effective way to reduce belly fat without surgery.

Cavitation uses sound waves to shake up fat cells and release their stored energy.

Then, RF uses heat waves to tighten the skin around your belly.

These waves cause water molecules to wiggle really fast, which turns the energy into heat. This heat, working between 30,000 and 300 million vibrations per second helps to reduce fat in two ways:

  1. By making your fat cells work harder to burn their stored energy.
  2. In some cases, it can even damage or shrink the fat cells themselves.

Both cavitation and RF are done by experienced practitioners such as medical aestheticians. It’s non-invasive, painless and doesn’t carry any serious side effects.

Slim-down Across Stages

Neither cavitation nor RF will produce results in just one session.

We recommend a minimum of 10 sessions, and in the case of cavitation, according to the results we have obtained, it is clear that 10-15 sessions are really the most indicated.

It’s also important that with either treatment, you have a lymphatic drainage massage or pressotherapy, so that the adipocytes that remain in the interstitial space can be collected by the lymphatic system and taken to the vascular system, where they will be sent to the liver to be metabolised.

Since the liver does not distinguish between the fat present in food and the fat that undergoes cavitation, both are eliminated in a physiologically equal way, without overloading the liver.

We also always advise our clients to take a walk of at least 15 minutes after each session. If you do this always, the result will be much better.

Of course, the best thing would be to get an aerobic-type workout in.

It goes without saying, these treatments won’t work as well if you don’t have a clean diet

Just A Part Of The Plan

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is your key to keeping those inches permanently down. 

So, lace up your sneakers, fuel your body with good choices, and consider adding either of these fighters to your fat-reduction arsenal. 

With research-backed results and minimal downtime, they can be valuable allies in your campaign for a slimmer, more confident you. 

And L’Image Parfaite, is your spa in Trinidad that’ll help you win the Carnival shape you want.

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