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Santa Please Grant Me Serenity… But Hurry!

You better believe it.


December 20th.

5:02 pm.

Huff huff huff.

You’re speed-walking away from the madness of the supermarket. 

The parking lot is big.

Ten cars deep.

Your hatchback is car number nine.

The store bags are burning into your fingers.

The soft noise of shopping carts folding into each other fades behind you. 

A truck inches out ahead.

You stop.

The driver signals to pass by.

You run a little.

You reach your car.

But you have to put the groceries on the ground because you forgot to take your keys out of your purse before leaving the cashier.

An SUV stops alongside you.

You look up.

His indicator is on. He’s ready to take your spot.

Blasted hell where are the keys, you think to yourself.

You feel the driver’s eye burn a hole into your head.

There’s a jingle of metal…


You found the keys.

In go the bags, your purse, then you yourself.

You back out and head towards the exit.

You hear a thud in the trunk.


You forgot to tie the bags and now the jars of Maraschino cherries are frolicking and making sweet parang music with the cans of pineapple rings.

You round the corner. 

Now you’re on the main road.


You check the time.

You’re hungry and could do with a pastelle.

Ah shoot!

You forgot the Promasa.

And you can’t make pastelles without Promasa.

Knowing that you have to go back, you die a little bit inside.

This is the real Christmas.

It’s a twister of holiday prep and crazy crowds.

A quest for the perfect gifts, and a hunt for the ingredients to make once-a-year dishes.

Finding a moment of serenity seems like a wish.

Yet, as Christmas approaches, there is a place waiting for you.

And it’s not a wish.

It’s a well-deserved present.

It’s… the spa.

Wait? The spa-spa?

Yes. That spa.

The place where all stress goes to retire. 

Where sauna clouds open-up and down come the hands of massage upon you.

But this is just the start.

Here’s a short list of all the other goodies that you can treat yourself to at the spa:

Laser Lipo and Cavitation

Worries over those extra pounds vanish with Laser Lipo and Cavitation. Gift yourself the confidence to sleigh the holiday season.

Coffee Infused Wraps

Picture the scent of arabica beans and the joy of body wraps. It’s a brew-tiful treat, that’ll leave you holiday-ready.

Infrared Body Treatment

Feel the warmth of an Infrared Body Treatment, which soothes your muscles and brings you a toasty holiday glow.

Body Polish Brilliance

Among the holiday glitter, enjoy the sparkle of a body polish. This treatment makes your skin become the star of the festivities.

Cellulite Removal

With a removal procedure, you’ll smoothen-out problem areas that’ll give you the confidence to bare yourself to everyone, naughty and nice. 

Slimming Treatments

The results of spa slimming treatments speak for themselves.

Their transformative spells leave you feeling lighter than tinsel.

Collagen and Vitamin C Boost

Harmonise your skin with a Collagen and Vitamin C Booster.

Infuse youth and create a crescendo of radiant holiday cheer.

Reimagined Facials

Redefine what serenity is with a facial.

Your skin will join the holiday celebration with a glow that rivals fairy lights.

Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful or filled with the blues.

As you write your letter to Santa, add a note for speedy serenity and a spa day that turns the holiday rush into a festive hush.

In the haze of yuletide tasks, you deserve a moment of tranquility – a gift of calm that’ll arrive just in time for a Christmas miracle.

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