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UncategorizedDitch the To-Do List And Reclaim Christmas Before It’s Gone

Ditch the To-Do List And Reclaim Christmas Before It’s Gone

To glee, or not to glee?

Hey you.

Yes you, friend.

We see you.

You’re juggling the deadlines at the job, daycare drop-offs, all the while thinking of the stuff you still gotta do for Christmas.

Believe it or not, we scramble with these same things too. This concrete jungle we call Port of Spain, can feel a million miles from the happy holiday that we grew up with as kids.

We know how you feel. That’s why we want to show you that it’s okay to not always be made of teflon and tinsel.

So let’s take a deep breath and have a quick conversation (lavender latte optional).

Christmas Isn’t About Picture-Perfect Trees Or Instagrammable Feasts 

Yeah, who doesn’t like pulling a hot ham from the oven, or standing before freshly painted walls, new sofa cushions and floors so clean that socks become optional?

But when Christmas morning comes around, you realise that it’s really about the quiet moments, like the giggle under the mistletoe (even if it’s a plastic monstrosity from the office party).

It’s about the tiny pecks you give your little ones on the cheek as they drift off to sleep, thinking of Santa and the morning mayhem that’s hours away.

Christmas is the stolen kiss with your partner, eyes twinkling under the fairy lights, remembering why you started this crazy journey together.

Unwrap The Most Important Gift

Forget the endless to-do list (it’ll still be there tomorrow, we promise).

Instead, unwrap the gift of the present.

Be here, now, in the messy, beautiful chaos of your life. Savour the sticky-fingered fruit-cake making. Turn up the parang and let old Christmas carols raise laughs as you dodge through traffic. Snuggle under a blanket, ignore the emails, and lose yourself in a story with your kiddo.

Put Your Hands Up And Step Away From The Excel Spreadsheet

For those of us sans kids lay down this golden rule for yourself… no office work on Christmas Day.


And be dead serious about it.

Know why? Because at your funeral, the only people who will remember how hard you worked for your company will be your friends and your family at home.

They deserve better memories of you.

Remember, You Are The Magic

Your laugh lines are a record of every smile you’ve shared. Your tired eyes hold the wisdom of a thousand late nights, each one a lullaby sung, a scraped knee kissed better. You are the chef, the cheerleader, the bedtime story narrator, the superhero in yoga pants. And in this whirlwind called life, you are enough.

So This Christmas, Let’s Rewrite Your Script 

Skip the guilt, ditch the comparisons, and love the perfectly imperfect you.

Light a candle for the quiet moments, the stolen kisses, and the giggles that chase away the worries of day-to-day life.

Because in the end, that’s the magic that truly matters. The magic that whispers, “You are loved, you are enough, and this, right here, right now, is enough.”

Merry Christmas, From your Friends at L’image Parfaite

Now go forth, spread the sparkle, and remember, the most precious gifts are always wrapped in love.

P.S. Don’t forget to treat yourself to some spa magic this season. You deserve it, friend!

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