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UncategorizedNew Year’s Resolutions Don’t Matter. Mindset Revolutions Do.

New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Matter. Mindset Revolutions Do.

Don’t mind the matter. Mind the mindset.

You’re here again.

The very same place as you were in December of 2022.

You’ve been doing this how many years now?

A new year is on its way. And you’re filling-up your last days of 2023 with things to do .

But the truth is you’re curious. And a little anxious, because who knows what 2024 will look like.

The thought of not knowing gets to you.

So you end up doing the one thing that you know for sure will happen: you made promises to do the things you didn’t do in 2023. And you’ve already written them out, even just in your mind, with a voice that kinda resembles Lisa Nichols (she’s really worth the watch).

I’m talking about the classic New Year’s resolution.

You know them. They’re the confetti-like promises you make to yourself once a year but never follow-through to the end.

They’re the gym memberships, the juice cleanses, and the vow to finally learn French.

But be honest with yourself.

How’s your track record with New Year’s resolutions?

By February, will the treadmill still be collecting dust bunnies?

Will the kale smoothies have morphed into sugary milkshakes?

And will you just ignore the Duolingo app on your home-screen and scroll towards the Tik Tok icon instead?

This year, forget the resolutions and take on something far more powerful: a mindset revolution.

Because at the heart of every failed resolution lies a flawed belief – the belief that change happens in one fell swoop, on a specific date, with a pre-written to-do list.

The truth is that real transformation is messy.

It’s organic.

And it’s fuelled by a shift in how we see ourselves and the world around us.

Sounds like work right?

Not if you make it a habit.

Why Resolutions Fall Flat

They’re external: We focus on actions, achievements, and external validation. “Lose 10 pounds,” “Get a promotion,” “Become Instagram-famous.” But happiness doesn’t come from checking items off a list. It comes from internal peace and self-acceptance.

They’re fear-based: Our resolutions are often driven by insecurities and a desire to fix, shrink, or mould ourselves into something we think we should be. This breeds self-criticism and sets us up for failure.

They’re all-or-nothing: One slip-up and the whole house of cards comes crashing down. We beat ourselves up for missing a gym session or indulging in a slice of cake, reinforcing the negative self-talk that keeps us stuck.

So, what’s the alternative?

It’s that mindset revolution I mentioned earlier. It starts with self-compassion. It’s about understanding that change is a journey, not a destination. It’s about focusing on progress, not perfection. It’s about celebrating small wins and learning from setbacks.

Instead of resolutions, consider these revolutionary intentions:

Cultivate curiosity: Approach life with the wide-eyed wonder of a child. Ask questions, explore new paths, and find joy in the discovery of new things.

Practice gratitude: Focus on what you already have, not what you lack. Savour the simple things, the quiet moments, the connections with loved ones.

Forgive yourself: We all make mistakes. Let go of guilt and self-blame. Learn from your missteps and keep moving forward.

Challenge limiting beliefs: Identify the negative thoughts that hold you back. Question their validity and rewrite them with empowering affirmations.

Invest in your well-being: Prioritise mental and physical health. Nourish your body with good food, move your body in ways that feel good, and make time for activities that bring you peace.

These are just starting points.

Your Revolution Will Be Unique To You

It will be messy, imperfect, and beautiful. It will take courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to get to know the unknown. But trust me, it will be infinitely more rewarding than any resolution you could write down on a piece of paper.

So raise a glass (or a kale smoothie, if you must) to a new year without resolutions. Toast to a year of mindset revolutions, self-discovery, and personal growth. Cheers to taking the first step, not because of a deadline, but because it’s the most magnificent adventure you’ll set out on.

Happy New Year (or as I prefer to call it, Happy New Beginning)!

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